Pronunciation SH and CH
SH - the tongue doesn't touch the top of the mouth
CH - the tongue DOES touch the top of the mouth

Problem - the SH sound is the same as the French CH (Shop - F - Chat)
The SH sound doesn't have to have the letters SH (Sugar, Species, Precious)
Danger!- the incorrect pronunciation can be embarrassing or confusing!
Chat (shall we have a shat?), Chit (I need a shit), Cheek (you can kiss me on my sheik), Chips (Can I have it with some ships, please?), Watch (Can I wash the television?)

Column A Column B
1 ships chips
A. Practise your SH and CH with your partner (repeat the words and check your partner's pronunciation) 2 sheep cheap
3 sherry cherry
4 shop chop
B. Choose ONE word from each sentence and ask your partner to tell you which one you pronounced (column A or column B) 5 cash catch
6 wash watch
7 wish witch
C. With your partner, find the meaning of each word 8 dish ditch
9 shoes choose
10 shows chose
D. Listen to the recording, then practise the following dialogue with your partner, then change roles.
Butcher:           Good morning, Mrs Church
Mrs Church:     Good morning, Mr Cheshire. I'd like some chops for the children's lunch
Butcher:           Chump chops or shoulder chops, Mrs Church?
Mrs Church:     I'll have four shoulder chops and I'd like a small chicken
Butcher:           Would you like to choose a chicken, Mrs Church?
Mrs Church:     Which one is cheaper?
Butcher:           This one's the cheapest. It's a delicious chicken.
Mrs Church:     How much is all that? I haven't got any cash. Can I pay by cheque?
Butcher:           Of course, Mrs Church

E. Listen to the recording, then record the following recipe with your partner (change at each line)
To cook Welsh grilled chops, you need the following ingredients:
4 chops, a glass of sherry, some cheddar cheese, one fresh chilli, some mushrooms and shallots.
Pour the sherry over the chops.
Chop up the mushrooms, cheese, shallots and chilli.
Mix the mushrooms, cheese, shallots and chilli.
Grill the chops.
Put the chops in a dish.
Spread the mixture over the chops.
Grill the chops and mixture for a few minutes.
Serve the chops with fresh salad and chips.